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Dispatch / 911 Communications

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Dispatchers are the front line, and at times the first individuals you will come into contact with during an emergency or special need.  Our Dispatchers are responsible for taking calls and relaying all necessary information to a Patrol Deputy in order for them to respond to a call.  They are often referred to as "The Calm in the Storm" due to their ability to stay calm under any circumstance, get as much information as possible, and send someone your way as quickly as possible.  They are heavily trained, tested, and proven to be a team of professionals that no department can manage without!

They are also responsible for tracking the location of each Patrol Deputy on shift; this is for the protection of each deputy, and assures that backup units can be dispatched as quickly as possible.

All major calls for service are dispatched through central communications, and take place at our 911 Communications Division location. Whether your call comes in as a Sheriff, 911, Fire or EMS related issue, they all work together, in the same room, so to ensure information can be properly and timely communicated with all agencies that might be needed to respond.   

The shifts are twelve hours and run from 6AM to 6PM.

Captain:  Phillip Daniels
Lieutenant:  Tabitha Tucker, Floor Supervisor
Address:  264 Oak Street, Mansfield, LA
Phone:  318-872-3956 or 911 for emergencies

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do we need to leave our names for filing a report?
    This is only for record and clarification. It is also used to be able to follow up and let the caller know of the status of the complaint.
  2. I need an officer to go with me to pick up my things from some other location?
    Officer assistance in this case is only possible with a court order.
  3. What if I have custody of a child and the other parent refuses to bring them back?
    If there is a court order signed by a judge, you have to go back to your attorney and file a failure to comply with a court order.


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