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Public Information Officer:  Mark Pierce
(318) 872-3956, ext 251
[email protected]

Recruiting:  Mike Armstrong
Phone:  (318) 872-3956, ext 234
Email[email protected]

Tax Clerk: Daune Bossier
Phone: (318) 872-3956, ext 235
Email: [email protected]
Office hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

The Sheriff has the additional duty as Ex-Officio Tax Collector and is responsible for collecting Parish Ad valorem taxes.

The following frequently asked questions (and answers) are provided:

  1. Whom should I contact to make a change of address?
    The DeSoto Parish Tax Assessor's Office should be contacted at (318) 872-3610 for change of address information.
  2. How are my taxes calculated?
    The amount collected is based on an assessment that has been done by the Tax Assessor, which is another government entity entirely separate from the Sheriff's Office. The assessment is used in calculations, which include the amount of millage a particular property is subject to paying.
  3. What is Homestead Exemption?
    In the state of Louisiana, homeowners are eligible for homestead exemption of the first $75,000 of the assessed value of the home considered their permanent residence. A person can have homestead exemption on only one home. To file for homestead exemption contact the Tax Assessor's Office at (318) 872-3610.
  4. How are my taxes computed?
    Ten percent of the assessed value of your residential property is multiplied by the current year's millage rate to arrive at the total tax shown on the tax notice. Some property will have additional amounts.
  5. When is the deadline to pay my taxes?
    Current-year taxes become delinquent at the close of business on December 31st of that year. After this date, delinquent taxes are assessed at a rate of one percent interest per month or any part of a month.
  6. What happens if I do not pay my taxes?
    A delinquent account is subject to be sold at the annual Tax Sale in May. Your property will be advertised in the official "Parish Journal", certified notices will be forwarded and every attempt will be made to ensure that you have adequate notice of taxes owed prior to this sale.
  7. Does anyone really fail to pay his or her taxes?
    Yes! Nearly 100 real estate property accounts are sold each year for delinquent taxes.
  8. Can you tell me a little about the Tax Sale?
    The Tax Sale is held at the Sheriff's Training Center at 120 Sprocket Lane, Grance Cane, LA, usually on the second Wednesday in May. All the property taxes that are unsettled are read aloud. People in the room are considered Tax Buyers. These buyers have pre-registered with the Sheriff's Office prior to the sale. Anyone can register up to the start of and during the sale. After reading of the property, buyers bid for a portion of ownership on the property. By law, the Sheriff continues accepting bids until the lowest bid is received in the interest of the actual owner-which gives the Buyer who bid that amount the right to purchase it.
  9. What happens if the property is not sold at the Tax Sale?
    Any unsold property will be adjudicated to DeSoto Parish. The Parish then becomes owner of the property.
  10. What if a Buyer buys my property and I want to get it back?
    The original owner has up to three years from the date the deed is filed in the Clerk of Court‘s office to redeem the property. The Tax Collector calculates redemption. The amount of redemption will include a redemption fee, tax sale fee; interest due the Tax Buyer, the base taxes and monthly interest accrued on the assessment. A property adjudicated to the Parish is calculated in much the same manner.
  11. Who can I contact to see if my property has taxes owed?
    You can contact the Tax Clerk at the Sheriff's Office at (318) 872-3956 ext 236 for any questions regarding taxes on your property.
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