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  • Push Notifications: The DeSoto Sheriff App allows us the ability to send out push notifications to your device for events such as bad weather, missing person, roadway closures, or danger to the community. Make sure you allow notifications in the settings of your phone.

  • Offender Watch: See a list of sex offenders in your area with an interactive map, pictures, and guide that is easy to navigate.

  • Submit A Tip: Submitting a Tip to Crimestoppers is a feature that has been available for a while, and we have added to that: Neighborhood Watch and Special Needs Awareness.

  • Jail Info: See a list of all current inmates, charges, visitation information, and add to an inmate's commissary right there in the app.

  • Helpful Contacts: A phone book of local agencies where you can call straight from our app, visit the agencies website, or get directions using your devices map application. You will also find websites and phone numbers to ALL DeSoto Parish Schools.

  • Social Media and Events: You will find the Sheriff's Office Facebook feed in our App for Press Releases and you may also check out our Events tab to keep track of local events that the Sheriff's Office hosts in the community. There you will find event info, date, time, and location, so you can plan accordingly.

  • Scam Tips: Read about known phone/email scams and new scams as they are reported. Find out how to protect yourself, and where to properly report a potential scammer.

  • Divisions: View the different divisions within the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office and find out what they do.

  • Weather: You may notice the temperature in the top left of the screen. Tap on that and you will find current weather conditions in great detail for your area!


We are always looking for better ways to keep our citizens informed.  In the ever changing world of technology, most citizens use their phones to seek out information, get updates, and browse applications.  It became our desire to provide a better way to not only get that information to the public, but also create an avenue of quick communication in case of emergencies.  In 2019, we developed a quick-access application to be a one-stop-shop for all things related to the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office!  So from your iPhone or Android device, open your app store and search for "DPSO" or "DeSoto Parish" to download your FREE App today!

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