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Public Records Request

Public Records Request

For all Public Records requests, please download both of the forms below, and follow the instructions:

STEP 1: COMPLETE all information in the field provided. Please TYPE or PRINT and be sure to date and
sign the request.

STEP 2: SUBMIT completed form by either U.S. First Class Mail to DPSO Custodian of Records, 205 Franklin
Street, Mansfield, Louisiana 71052, or via email to [email protected].

STEP 3: WAIT to receive notice of estimated costs and PAY FEE if applicable. Once you have received
notice, send payment (check or money order ONLY) to the address listed above. Copies of the
public records can be picked up with payment or mailed to you upon receipt of payment. If more
than ten (10) working days pass after noticed is sent and payment is not received, it will be
necessary to initiate a new request.

Public Record Fee Information

Public Records Request Form

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