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April 17, 2020

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NEW SCAM ALERT: Please safeguard yourself against SCAMS seeking to steal your personal and financial information related to COVID-19. There are many phone, email, and text scams going out into the public in an attempt to take advantage of concerned and vulnerable citizens. One in particular is a text message that states "Someone who came in contact with you tested positive or has shown symptoms for COVID-19 & recommends you self-isolate/get tested. Click (link) for more info..." Please do not fall victim to these bad actors. You will not be contacted by text or email if such information were to be true. If you receive a phone call with such a claim, verify who you are talking to before you share ANY personal information. You can do this by asking what agency they are with, tell them you are going to hang up and call back. Do not ask for their phone number to call back and do not call any number they provide. Look up the agency yourself (Google) and call to verify if the caller is legitimate. If you receive a call, text, or email in attempt to stoke fear with shocking or unbelievable is most likely false. Please do not click any links in text messages or emails, or respond on phone calls by pressing any buttons. Delete the message or hang up and block the phone number immediately.

DESOTO SHERIFF APP: Always remember, our DeSoto Sheriff App contains SCAM TIPS such as this and more. Download the FREE App in your Google Play or App Store. You can find the tips by tapping on MORE - SCAM TIPS, which also provides links to the FCC website to properly report such scams. Our DeSoto Sheriff App also sends out push notification alerts to the public in the event of Tornado Watch/Warnings specifically for DeSoto Parish, and provides many other tools that can be very useful to our citizens. Sex Offender Registry for DeSoto Parish, Helpful Local Phonebook, Jail Inmate Roster, Most Wanted Blog, Daily COVID-19 Updates, and a place to Submit A Tip directly to Dispatchers or Crime Stoppers. No personal information is shared with the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office unless you personally choose to submit it to us within a submitted tip. All tips and personal information sent will remain confidential.

COVID-19 NUMBERS: The following contains updated positive case numbers for COVID-19 locally and state wide. You can find the information below and more data via the LDH website updated at 12pm noon each day (noted below.) We post this information daily as a courtesy to locally concerned citizens, and we are not tasked with providing specific cases by city/town, personal information, or information on those who have recovered from COVID-19. Such information is organized, protected, and distributed when necessary by Medical Facilities and the Louisiana Department of Health.

April 11: 20,014 cases (+761 in 24 hrs) +51 deaths
April 12: 20,595 cases (+581 in 24 hrs) +34 deaths
April 13: 21,016 cases (+421 in 24 hrs) +44 deaths
April 14: 21,518 cases (+502 in 24 hrs) +129 deaths
April 15: 21,951 cases (+433 in 24 hrs) +90 deaths
April 16: 22,532 cases (+581 in 24 hrs) +53 deaths
April 17: 23,118 cases (+586 in 24 hrs) +57 deaths
Total State Deaths to Date: 1,213

April 11: 114 cases (+7 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 12: 124 cases (+10 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 13: 125 cases (+1 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 14: 130 cases (+5 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 15: 134 cases (+4 in 24 hrs) +1 death
April 16: 140 cases (+6 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
April 17: 145 cases (+5 in 24 hrs) +0 deaths
Total Parish Deaths to Date: 8

The following information is subject to change and is not provided daily. This is due to how each clinic/hospital reports cases based on city/town based on place of residence or where the tests were performed. As promised, we will continue to provide what we know to the public, but we want to stress that we do not control the acccuracy of this information, how it is obtained, organized, or when it is distributed.
FRIERSON: 5 cases
GLOSTER: 8 cases
GRAND CANE: 5 cases
KEATCHIE: 3 cases
MANSFIELD: 52 cases
PELICAN: 8 cases
STONEWALL: 21 cases

Stay safe, practice social distancing, and please continue to adhere to the Stay At Home order issued by our State Governor.

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